Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Talk I Had

In my One Year: Part 1 post, I talked about a former teacher I saw after about 5 years. He invited me to speak to a drivers education class that he taught at my former high school. I agreed to it and made a video for a friend. This touches upon about 4-5 blog posts worth of information, I think. Here it is!


  1. Good lil speech Mr. Hammad Aslam. You SOOOOOOO got the text messaging law thing from me!!! (I'm just gonna go ahead and take that credit for myself) hahaha but my bad...I'm not sure if it's an actual law might still be getting passed :D. (That's what happens when you take my word for things...hehe). Anywho...everything happens for a reason...and I hope that you were able to touch those students' lives..and other lives through them and maybe even have prevented someone from getting into an automobile accident iA :). And may Allah (SWT) bless you for that iA :)

  2. Watched all five; thank you so much for sharing :)