Monday, July 16, 2012

Article in Georgia Health News

Check it out:  I'm in a new article in Georgia Health News!

Debilitating injury doesn't shake student's drive to become doctor | Georgia Health News | July 2012

Yes, this is almost the same as the article I posted before here that was on, so it may look familiar if you read that. This has a few changes, though.


  1. It sounds kinda strange saying that a friend is inspirational, but it's true. You're a rockstar, Hammad. Glad to hear you aren't settling for a particular specialization in the medical field simply because it would be easier, and instead doing something you are actually passionate about. Great video, Hollywood.

  2. Mannn, you got me all bashful, Ryno. I really appreciate that. I hope our paths cross soon.

  3. ammazing... really ammazing .... you are a star :)