Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I recently interacted with a surgeon and a therapist, both South Asian, on different occasions during appointments.

They were, as most people are, surprised to hear I'm going to be in my second year in medical school and that I already completed one year like this.

Then, they are even more surprised to hear that I am living by myself in my own apartment. And that I drive myself to where I need to go.

Is it really that hard to believe?

Things are different, but you adapt.


  1. You're just so bawss like that.

    I mean, juss tell em thats how you... roll.

  2. that would be a sweet catchphrase for you, hammad.. "that's how i roll"

  3. "Things are different, but you adapt" that is true...but adapting the way you have also requires strength, courage, and determination. Not everyone has that. So don't downplay your achievements like that! :)