Thursday, December 23, 2010

A new perspective on perspectives

I thought about writing more on this topic, then thought against it. Now I keep thinking about it so I am writing about it so I can focus on other things.

Come on. We may think our lives suck sometimes. Or in some cases, we may think that life itself sucks and there is no point to it. What gives us the right to be better off than others? My, that's a very selfless thought, one may say.

One simple way to turn thoughts around of our own life sucking is by seeing those that are less privileged in order to gain some perspective.

But everyone knows that. We’re just ignorant and stuck in our own privileged world and enjoy complaining about little things like our parents being too stern or when we don’t get what we want. We choose to turn away from realizing the pain and hardships of others.

Okay, instead of thinking about the negatives that others have, I propose that we think of things in a different way: these so-called unprivileged—those living in poverty, those who are sick or disabled, those who have lost family members, those who are politically oppressed, those who are physically or mentally incapable of doing things, those who have lost most of their family members—what keeps them wanting to live then? They don’t have what we have. Why do they fight every single day to breathe, to get that one drop of water, to wake up in the mornings?

Think about it.


  1. Awesome I was thinking the exact same thing. It is OK for us to look at their lives to put our own in perspective but as someone said, (hopefully you see this :D lol) but as he said it depresses them to know how unfortunate they are. Well I say to that, I don't think it is alright for you to be depressed over something like that because while you may think those so called people that are in those certain condition are that unfortunate... that is really the only reality they have seen, so it might not be as bad tho them and they are living their life? right? Most likely I'm correct in most cases. So to be upset about their situation, is ok, but to be depressed about it, I don't think You need to be :D Because they are making the best of their situation.

  2. You have a beautiful outlook! I hope your holiday season is full of joy!

  3. Despite everything, everyone in the world has something that they are thankful for. Additionally, we all have ability to hope that one day, things will get better.