Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Thoughts (written 2-2-10)

Some Random Thoughts, Brought About By Various Events

People: they come and go. The only entity that will always remain by our side is God.

I've learned a lot of things over the past eight and a half months. It has shown me the capacity of certain people's hearts. The people who I would always laugh and hang out with, suddenly disappeared. These are the people who I had imagined I would be friends with for life. Some people who I hardly knew, however, reached out to me in ways that I could not have imagined. For some people, sacrificing their time and efforts is not hard. I truly commend and am thankful to these people.

Four months post-accident, I decided that I was finally ready to sell my car (aka “my baby”). After waiting and working hard for years, it had been the first car that was truly mine. It was a manual and no one else in my family could drive it. When I told my parents I was prepared to sell it, my mom told me that there are two things I shouldn't be attached to in this life: houses and cars.

My mom always has a way with words that makes me see things in a different perspective. In addition to houses and cars, I think one should not be attached to people as well. Don't jump in and start singing “Heartless” by Kanye West to me. I of course believe that it is great for someone to be attached to their family. One should also love all other people and creations. But people have a way of leaving us. Sometimes, they leave this earth. Since all things belong to God and must return to God, it is only natural. Some people drift away in this world as well. People get engulfed in their own ambitions and pleasures so that they are unaware of others. Some people also cannot be trusted. Yes, I know this sounds hypocritical because I am attending medical school this fall, God-willing, but I think even doctors cannot be trusted. They are not God.

We should only love all things on this earth to the point that if they are gone, it will not devastate us. Otherwise, it would seem like we are worshiping these things.

When all things are gone, we still have God. “All things” refers to people, hopes, objects, physical abilities, dreams, etc. Many people pray and do things ordained by God. But do we truly trust God 100%? Do we rely on our friends for emotional support? Do we rely on our doctors for healing? Do we think that because we work hard, that good things will automatically come to us? These are things I am thinking about now. Feel free to discuss.


  1. Great article.

    I think everyone at one point or another and to varying degrees experiences a blackhole because they rely to heavily on others. The people that are closest to God don't have to experience that loss, because they are attached to something that cannot be taken away. When you rely on people and material things for your self worth I think you will inevitably set yourself up for a fail.

  2. Salaam,

    Hammaad, my brother, this is a really great post, and I truly hope I'm not one of those people who "Disappeared" when you least expected them too. I want you to know that many of us have been remembering you in our prayers since day 1 and still continue to. I absolutely agree with you that we can't become too attached to any type of material thing (cars, houses, money) or people for that matter.

    We will not be questioned on how much wealth or friends we accumulated in life but rather how we dealt with these things in life. How did we earn our wealth in this life? How did we treat other people in this life, be they family, friends or strangers? These are the things that really matter. We need to understand that material things have a place in life but not the central place, only our Creator can take that place.

    Alhamduillah, I'm so happy for you and hope you'll do excellent in Med School. Forgive me if I didn't play a more proactive role in supporting you but I want you to know that I love you and Inshallah you're a Great Inspiration for the rest of us. May Allah bless you Habibi.

  3. you are such an amazing inspiration indeed hammad. don't ever forget it. you have strength, heart, and determination which is beyond admirable =) i heart hammad

  4. love as though you have already lost. the samurai had a few things right and this is one of them. you can't appreciate someone until you have already lost them.

  5. This article really puts life into a perspective.... We will all go one day yet as human beings we need to love and be loved... you can only hope that with righteousness and prayer, you will reunite with your loved ones in heaven. This society puts materialism at a very high standard...but only one thing remains with you after you are gone and that is your deeds whether good or bad....